Nathan Hale | Class of 2019 | Senior

It was a fun day talking to Ethan a class of 2019 senior attending Nathan Hale. When he started talking about computers and how he wanted to attend the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee for Computer Science, I knew we had much to talk about. I wish him the best as he prepares for his senior year and then on to college.

Choosing the Ideal Location for Your Senior Photo Session

Location ideas for your senior photos.

Outside of what to wear, the next biggest question is where should I take my photo? Senior photos are a timeless and a once in a liftime event.

Here are some things to consider before choosing a location:


A senior photoshoot is where you get to smile, laugh and be yourself. If you are shy then you might not want to choose a very public spot.


What makes you unique? Choose a location that fits in with who you are. Do you enjoy spending time in your garden or on a couch readding? Perhaps you spend lots of time outdoors and on camping trips? Maybe you enjoy going to the city and hanging out. Your location should speak to your personality.

Senior Photoshoot Location Ideas

Below are some ideas of where you could arrange your photo session.

In the City

For a more modern feel to your photos you could get out in the city and take a a few photos next to an interesting building or in funky alley. Around the Milwaukee area there is the historic third ward and the fifth ward. If you like art, the art museum is a great location.

In Nature

If you're looking for a calm, natural setting then choose an outdoor location. Parks such as Grant and Whitnall Park make for beautiful backdrops.

In Studio

If you're looking for a more private settting where you can use props and backdrops, then a studio setting might be more for you. Studio photos will also give you the option to take more posed, structured photos.


You ever wonder why photographers charge the prices they do?

What you’re paying for when you hire a professional photographer. When you start shopping around for a professional photographer the prices can sometimes seem quite daunting. What very few consumers realize though is that there is a lot more to photographing your event than just clicking a button at the right time. So what are you paying for when hiring a professional photographer?

  1. Time is money. Just like any other professional, a photographer needs to put in the hours to get the job done. This includes the consultation, traveling to and from the location, shooting the photos, editing and processing the orders. You’d be surprised at how long it takes to get the end result that is finally delivered to you. Once they shoot the photos, it’s not as simple as downloading the images and delivering them to you. They have to process the files, convert it to the correct file type as well as make sizing and color adjustments to make each image pop. If your photographer is also creating a book or album for you, they need to spend time designing it too.
  2. Equipment is expensive. Even though this is a very small part of why photographers charge the prices they do, it’s important to remember that quality equipment plays an important role in being able to produce the photos that they do. Professional equipment not only allows for the production of high quality images, it also gives photographers the ability to work in areas with less than favorable lighting conditions or at venues where using a flash is prohibited.
  3. They have spent years acquiring a very specific skill. Photography, like any other profession, requires experience and specific skills. From knowing what lighting and camera settings to use, to knowing how to pose people and help them feel comfortable in front of the camera. Great photographers don’t rush the editing process either, it takes time to produce the desired result and turn your photo into a work of art that you’ll proudly want to display in your home.
  4. It’s still a business. A professional photographer is still running a business, which means they will more than likely have overhead costs such as rental fees for their studio and the upkeep of equipment. Photographers also need to budget for professional association fees, equipment and liability insurance and fees for courses that will allow them to stay ahead by continuously honing their craft. A professional photographer who is dedicated to their art and willing to go the extra mile for their clients is always well worth the price.

Choosing the Right Camera for Your Child

If your child has recently started showing an interest in photography and you are thinking about buying them their first camera, there are a few things you need to consider. As a parent you probably know that a kid’s interests can change tomorrow, next week or even next year but the good news is that you can still support their new hobby without breaking the bank.   

Here are our top 7 tips for choosing a camera for your kid. 

Fun Alternatives for Displaying Your Photos

Amazing photos deserve an equally amazing display but this doesn’t mean you always have to use a traditional frame to showcase them in your home.

Below is some inspiration for deciding how to display your favorite memories.

If your home décor is very contemporary you might want to consider canvas gallery wraps, image blocks or standout mounts to showcase your photos. Going frameless is also a great option if you’re looking for something truly sleek and modern.

If rustic and chic is more your style, then why not turn old pieces of wood into stained photo clipboards, using binder clips to hang the photos against the wood. Another unique option is to hang your photos on a thin cable to make it look like a clothesline. Binder clips also work perfectly for this.

If you’re the creative type and have some extra time on your hands then there is the option of creating frames out of washi tape. This way you can incorporate different colors and designs around your photos to really make your walls pop.

If you are a fan of frames, why not buy different sizes, colors and styles and create one big photo wall that displays a variety of memories. There are so many shapes and designs that you can use to create your photo wall and really make it your own.

Since we work with so many creative vendors who offer a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional framing and display options, we are able to help you pick a unique option that suites your home and style. Whether it’s a traditional frame with hand-cut matting, shadow box or float frames, we will help you pick the right option for your home.

No matter which method you choose, get creative. Filling your walls with a lifetime of memories is one of the most special and visual ways to tell the story of your family, so get hanging.